Best Bunn Coffee Makers – 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

Coffee is one of the most delicious drinks. Lots of people don’t even start their day without a flavored cup of coffee. A freshly brewed coffee in the morning can help us wake up faster and have more energy. Plus, this drink comes with several health benefits, which is even more amazing. These days, the coffee makers industry is worth billions of dollars every year.

At the moment, coffee makers are among the most bought kitchen appliances. These units are easy to use and come with many innovative technologies. Moreover, they are perfect for people who love enjoying their coffee as soon as they wake up. Investing in a high-quality coffee maker is an excellent idea. For helping you make the best decision, we made this useful buying guide.

Best Bunn Coffee Makers

Bunn is the best coffee maker brand. Bunn units are durable and last a long time. A long-lasting appliance life means that your investment will be a great one. Bunn coffee machines brew the perfect drink. The water temperature is ideal, and the unit itself is super easy to use. Plus, Bunn coffee makers come with all sorts of innovative features.

These features are clever enough for preparing a delicious coffee without effort. Another advantage is that these machines are easy to clean. Let’s take a look at the best Bunn coffee makers.

Bunn GRB Velocity Brew 10-cup Home Coffee Brewer

The best thing about this machine is that it brews coffee very fast. It can make 10 cups of coffee in only 3 minutes. It is not called Velocity Brew for nothing. This may be because there is hot water in the tank at all times. The unit features a drip-free carafe with a proprietary lid. This type of detail can only be found on Bunn coffee units.

This manufacturer has designed a lid that makes spilling impossible. If the drink is about to spill, it will dribble back into the carafe. It is impossible to make a mess with this machine. Unlike regular coffee units, this model doesn’t only pour hot water over the coffee. It sprays it, and this means that the hot water reaches the ground coffee evenly.

This makes a huge difference in taste. The Bunn GRB Velocity Brew 10-cup also comes with other wonderful features. It has a flat-bottom filter and funnel. Plus, the heated plate maintains the drink warm for a while. The machine itself is durable, which means that you will make a long-term investment. The company offers a 3-year warranty for this product.

Even if the appliance is pricey, in the long run, you will be saving lots of money. All in all, the Bunn GRB Velocity Brew 10-cup is a device that offers excellent results.


  • High-quality product
  • 3-minute fast brewing
  • No more mess from a dripping carafe
  • More flavored drinks due to the spray head instead of drip
  • Drip-free carafe
  • Easy to use
  • 3-year warranty


  • Pricey
  • It is available only on black

Bunn BXB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

With this machine, you can brew with ease and fast your favorite beverage. In only three minutes, your pot will be filled with fresh and delicious coffee. This model comes with a new Pour-O-Matic drip-free glass decanter. Just like the above unit, this one also sprays water over the ground coffee and not only pour it. This technique ensures the greatest flavor extraction. There is a huge difference between a machine that has this feature and one that doesn’t.

The Bunn BXB Velocity Brew 10-Cup unit features a stainless steel internal hot water tank. The water is being kept heated at an optimal brewing temperature of 200 ͦF. The minimum of cups that this appliance can brew is 4 cups, and the maximum is 10. The porcelain-coated warming plate can be used for keeping the drink warm and for reheating it as well. All you need to do is to press a button and your beverage will be hot again.


  • It can brew 4 to 10 cups of coffee in 3 minutes
  • Classic and attractive design with stainless steel details
  • Unique spray head ensures complete and even flavor extraction
  • Stainless steel internal hot water tank
  • Built to North American Electrical Standards
  • Easy to use


  • No shut-off function. Yet, the ‘’on’’ indicator for the warmer plate is visible on the front of the unit.

Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

This model is different than the others presented above. The Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use unit can brew anything from K-cups to ground coffee, tea pods, and loose tea as well. It features a drawer for all. The user doesn’t have to buy them separately because they are being included in the package. Plus, the machine is super fast.

Your coffee will be ready in under a minute. It is true that it makes less coffee than a coffee machine, but that’s why it is called a single cup. This appliance is perfect for those who leave early in the morning and don’t have time to drink their coffee. The drip is completely removable. This means that you can brew your beverage directly into your travel mug.

The space is big enough to accommodate very well all travel mugs. The MCU single cup features a Pulse-Brew innovative technology. This technology can extract a bolder version that regular single cup coffee machines. The Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty.


  • Pulse Brew Function for better-flavored drinks
  • 4 Drawer System for a personalized brewing experience
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean – removable drip tray
  • It brews K-Cups packs, ground coffee, tea pods or bags, and more
  • Your drink will be ready in under a minute
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • 2-year warranty


  • Sometimes the tea has a chemically taste
  • Filling the water tank on regular basis can soon grow to be tedious

Best Bunn Coffee Makers Guide

As we mentioned earlier, Bunn coffee machines are ultra-professional. There are several models offered by this manufacturer. For making the best choice, it is important to take into account some details. There are three essential things to consider when buying a Bunn unit. Let’s take a look at them.

Capacity – Small Vs Large

Before choosing a certain model, you must know exactly if you need a coffee unit only for you or for the entire family. If sharing the coffee with others then it is being recommended to opt for more capacity. How much coffee do you usually consume? One cup? Ten cups? By knowing the answer to this question, it will be much easier to make a perfect choice.


Bunn machines are a long-term investment. It’s not like they are very expensive, but the truth is that they are not cheap either. It is important that anyone who plans to make an investment like this knows what budget has for such a product. Features play an important role in terms of cost. Units with innovative features cost more than the ones that have basic features.

If you are looking for a ’’morning ritual’’ coffee experience, then you should opt for a higher-range unit. The high end of Bunn units offers seriously good coffee technology.


This is another important detail. Don’t forget about it when shopping for the best Bunn coffee machine. The user must consider how he takes his coffee in the morning. Is he pounding a pot every morning? Does he brew his beverage and then add it on a to-go thermos and run out the door? How a person is having coffee in the morning is a detail that helps a lot in choosing the best Bunn coffee machine.

Bunn brewers are high-quality units, but the differences come into play when considering the user’s lifestyle.


The features that Bunn coffee machines have are innovative and very useful. For example, the Pulse Brew Function offers a better-flavored coffee. The 4-Drawer System is perfect for a personalized brewing experience. Some models can also brew K-cups, tea pods or bags, and more, not only ground coffee.

Also, some Bunn machines are dishwasher safe. They are easy to clean as they come with a removable drip tray. Other features include stainless steel internal hot water tank and a unique spray head function. Personal expectations are the aspect that makes a person choose one model or another.

Bunn Coffee Makers FAQ

What is the best Bunn coffee maker for home use?

Lots of Bunn coffee makers are high-quality. Yet, there are a few models that have plenty of positive customer reviews. These models are very appreciated because they come with innovative features. All these features together offer a strong, tasty, and flavored beverage. So, the best Bunn Coffee Makers are Bunn GRB Velocity Brew 10-cup Home Coffee Brewer, Bunn BXB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer, and Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer.

These machines are also appreciated because they are easy to use. Plus, their construction is sturdy, which means that the investment will be in the long term.

What makes a Bunn coffee maker better?

There are many types of coffee makers out there. The wide range is what makes people so confused when buying such a unit. A Bunn coffee maker is better than other appliances because of one important detail. The water tank is already full of water at the perfect brewing temperature. This means that brewing can start immediately.

Other machines have inconsistent spurts of boiling water. Well, a Bunn coffee maker features temperature-controlled water. This water passes over the grounds in one consistent flow. This is the main reason why Speed Brew can actually brew 50oz in only 4 minutes. Plus, the coffee tastes super delicious and it is very strong.

How long does a Bunn coffee maker last?

The life expectancy of a coffee machine depends on how well it was made in the first place. Cheap models will most probably start having problems within a few months. Yet, this is not the case when it comes to Bunn coffee makers. These units have a good track record for lasting for several years. They are being made of durable materials and their construction is sturdy.

Moreover, some models have dishwasher safe parts, which is even better for the user. As long as they are being maintained properly, these appliances can be used for several years. They last a long time and they also offer the same exceptional result.

Are Bunn coffee makers worth the money?

The best thing to do is to invest more money in a high-quality device. Not only the unit will offer better results but it will also last longer. Bunn coffee makers are being built to last and to offer the strongest and most delicious coffee. They are a bit more expensive than other coffee machines.

Yet, investing in them is definitely a great idea. Plus, let’s not forget that these units have many positive customer reviews. A high number of clients are happy with what they have to offer. Their innovative features together with the durable construction make these items highly-appreciated.

Best Bunn Coffee Makers Conclusion

Bunn is a coffee maker brand that hasn’t disappointed its users over time. Bunn appliances are being made of high-quality materials. They are durable, and a great choice for those who are looking to make a long-term investment. In our opinion, the best Bunn coffee unit is the Bunn GRB Velocity Brew 10-cup Home Coffee Brewer.

It can brew delicious coffee in a short time and it has plenty of innovative features. Plus, it is a durable unit made of long-lasting parts. Yet, what’s the best for us it might not be for other users. Each person is different in terms of needs and expectations. All in all, one thing is sure, Bunn coffee machines are an excellent choice for anyone who loves coffee.


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