Best Coffee Urns – 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

Coffee is one of many people’s favorite beverage. Most of us can’t even wake up properly if we don’t have a delicious cup of coffee. This drink is present in nearly every household. Lucky for us, these days we can find in the shops a wide range of tools for preparing this aromatic beverage. Besides the traditional coffee makers, we also have coffee urns.

These urns are excellent for anyone who wants to brew large quantities of coffee at once. They are perfect for parties, conferences, and even for families with more members. If you are being interested in buying such a machine, then in the following we will talk about the best coffee urns. Plus, you will be offered a useful buying guide for making the best choice.

Best Coffee Urns

Choosing such a unit can be an overwhelming process for lots of users. That’s because there are plenty of models, each of them with different features. For easing your choice, we are going to talk a bit about some of the best products on the market. Reading these reviews is an excellent method for selecting the right model. With that being said, let’s have a look at the best coffee urns we have found.

Café Amoroso 100-Cup Stainless Steel

Those who are looking for a heavy-duty coffee urn should opt for this model. The Café Amoroso 100-Cup can handle even the largest parties. It features a 100-cup capacity, which is more than enough for a single batch. Another thing that we like is the durable construction. The unit has a double-wall commercial stainless-steel body that resists dents.

Plus, this material maintains the unit’s shiny look for many years to come. Since this device is being equipped with a built-in filter basket, the user doesn’t need to insert filters. The lid can be locked, whereas the spout is very easy to use. The entire brewing process for 100 cups of coffee lasts about 40 to 50 minutes. As long as the machine is being plugged, the temperature of your drink will stay hot.

If the unit is being unplugged, then the coffee remains warm for 3 hours. The Café Amoroso 100-Cup is a safe unit with a double-wall design. This detail makes it incredibly efficient. The insulating air makes the urn consume less energy and lose less heat. Plus, if you touch it by accident, you will not burn your hands.


  • Large capacity urn. It can brew 100 cups of coffee
  • It is ideal for commercial use
  • Double-wall commercial stainless-steel body. The material resists dents and keeps luster for a long time
  • It maintains a warm temperature
  • Convenient built-in filter
  • Affordable


  • It is noisy when it is on warm mode
  • It takes up to 50 minutes to brew coffee

Hamilton Beach 45-Cup

A much smaller unit yet very effective is this model from Hamilton. Its small size doesn’t make it less potent. It is an excellent device that brews delicious coffee and keeps it warm for hours. The Hamilton Beach 45-Cup can make between 15 and 45 cups of drink at once, with an average of 1 minute per cup. Yet, if you organize your time properly, you should not suffer any delays. The coffee will be kept warm for several hours, without the unit being plugged in.

Other great features of this unit are the heat-resistant handles and the locking lid. Together, these two will prevent you from spilling hot coffee on you and burning your hands. We also like the 2-way dispenser for continuous filling or a single cup. The Hamilton Beach 45-Cup is super easy to use, even for those who are using this type of machine for the first time. Also, we want to mention that this urn offers a fast brewing. It takes only one minute to brew each cup.


  • It brews 15 to 45 cups of fresh coffee
  • 2-Way dispenser for continuous filling or single cup
  • Fast brewing. It takes 1 minute to brew each cup
  • Easy to fill. The water level markings make measuring water a snap
  • It doesn’t need a coffee filter
  • Ready to serve indicator light


  • The user must open the lid of the water tank for seeing how much coffee is being left
  • The drink may get cold within an hour of brewing

West Bend Highly Polished Stainless-Steel Commercial 55-Cup

We are pretty sure that this unit will put a spell on you. It is professional and super easy to use by anyone. The highly polished stainless steel makes the machine durable. Plus, it also makes it look stylish and attractive. Just as the title suggests it, the urn has a capacity of 55 cups. The users will also love the fact that it is also fast. It takes only 20 minutes to brew a full container.

Your drink will be warm for hours thanks to stainless-steel exterior and insulation. The West Bend 55-Cup Coffee Urn is effortless to use. The interior level markings help the user fill the container with ease. The dripless faucet of this device is two-way. This detail allows the user to fill one cup at a time. Yet, he can also opt for a continuous filling. The twist-lock cover prevents you from spilling the hot drink on yourself.

The heat-resistant handles are excellent for avoiding burning your hands. There are also two thermostats that help to brew the perfect coffee. The drink will later be kept at an optimal temperature for consumption. This urn is a versatile machine. It is being designed for lounges, cafes, offices, and more


  • A versatile unit, perfect for lounges, cafes, offices, parties, and more
  • 55-Cup capacity with dual thermostats
  • Elegant and durable stainless-steel exterior
  • Two-way dripless faucet
  • Twist lock cover
  • Interior water level markings for easy filling
  • Cup-per-minute brewing with automatic temperature control
  • Cleaning tool included
  • Aluminum basket


  • Some users have said that there is some drippage from the top of the unit

Best Coffee Urns Guide

Anyone who is looking to buy a coffee urn must take into consideration some details. There are some factors that will help a lot with the final decision. All these details are essential for buying a high-quality product. Let’s take a close look at them.

The capacity is one of the most important aspects when buying an urn. Keep in mind that not all these machines are being designed to make the same amount of coffee at once. Some units can make as little as 30 cups, whereas others can make 100 cups at once. Each person should choose the model that best suits his needs.

The construction matters a lot, especially if you want to make a long-term investment. Look for a device that has a sturdy construction. If the unit is being made of cheap materials, then it will not last for too long. Avoid cheap products as much as possible. Even if you spend some extra cash on your first buy, it will surely worth the financial effort. This way, you will use the device for many years to come. Choose top-quality materials such as durable plastic or stainless steel.

The insulation, as long as it is a good one, will keep your drink warm for a long time. In general, coffee urns are very well insulated. However, it is being recommended to read the specifications of the chosen product. By doing so, you will see exactly how well insulated the machine is. Those units that have under two walls are not even worth looking at them. Double-walls will not fail at keeping the coffee warm for an extended period of time.

The ease of use is a feature that most users are looking for in a coffee urn. This aspect can refer to many things. For one, the unit should be easy to fill with water. The openings should be large enough so that the user doesn’t spill water everywhere. Plus, it also must be easy to set up. Too many buttons are actually a disadvantage. Choose a device that comes with only a few buttons. Also, the pouring spout should be dripless. If it can also be adjusted in height, then that’s even better.

The design is the last detail that any user must have in mind when buying a coffee urn. Due to the fact that these machines are being designed for commercial use, they need to look good. A stainless-steel finish is elegant and durable at the same time. There are also units made of top-quality plastic, but they don’t look as good as the ones made of stainless steel. Even though you have a small budget, we recommend you invest in a good device that has a beautiful design.

Coffee Urns FAQ

What is the best coffee urn?

There are many excellent coffee urns. Yet, some of them are better than others. At this moment, the most appreciated units are being made by reliable manufacturers such as Café Amoroso, Hamilton Beach, and West Bend. The most popular coffee urns are Café Amoroso 100-Cup, Hamilton Beach 45-Cup, and West Bend Highly Polished Stainless-Steel Commercial 55-Cup.

These devices feature a durable body that resists dents. Plus, they offer the most delicious and aromatic beverage ever. There are many wonderful features that make these units so appreciated by a high number of users. Plus, they are more than easy to use. Anyone can prepare a tasty and strong coffee within a short time.

How do you make good coffee in an urn?

Coffee urns are not only super-efficient but they are also easy to use. For making the best tasting beverage, manufacturers recommend using spring or filtered water. What the user must do is to fill the unit with water to the desired level. Then, he must replace the center pole in the machine, twisting it to lock it into place.

The next step is to fit a paper filter into the basket and slide it onto the pole. Once all these steps are being followed, the unit will start making a delicious coffee. It is as simple as that, and the result will be excellent.

What does a coffee urn do?

Coffee urns have become very popular in the past few years. More and more people are using them to prepare their favorite beverage. If you also want to get a unit like this, then here is what it is important to know. According to the coffee maker online guide, coffee urns are big coffee makers that can brew a large amount of beverage.

Regular coffee makers are offering a small amount of coffee for only a few people. On the other hand, an urn is being designed for cafes, bars, and restaurants. Yet, they can also be used in homes.

Can a coffee urn be used for hot water?

Coffee urns are versatile units. Most models can be used for other tasks as well. For example, they can be used for making instant coffee, hot cocoa, hot chocolate, hot tea, and so on. Those who want to use a device like this for hot water can definitely do this.

To heat water, it is necessary to remove the cover, the coffee basket, and the stem. Then, the urn must be filled to the desired level with cold water. The machine will do the rest of the job.

Best Coffee Urns Conclusion

Brewing large quantities of fresh and tasty coffee is not something everyone needs. There are some circumstances in which a device like this can be useful. These circumstances are parties, conferences, banquets, and so on. Investing in a high-quality coffee urn is a good idea. Yet, it is important to know how to choose a good product of this type. The products we mentioned above are some of the best ones on the market.

They can brew large quantities of coffee at once, from 15 to 100 cups. Plus, they are being made of durable and elegant stainless-steel material. They also come with several modern features. We love the two-way dripless faucet that allows the user to fill one cup at a time. The twist-lock cover is another great feature. It prevents the user from spilling the hot drink on himself. All these characteristics are important for choosing a top-quality device.


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