Best French Cookbooks 2021 – Pros and Cons

French cuisine is being known worldwide for its super delicious and fine dishes. Plus, they are very healthy and excellent for anyone who wants to have a healthier lifestyle. People who like cooking should try some of their recipes. They are not difficult to make, and as we said earlier, they are more than delicious. Whether you are looking for simple recipes or more complex ones, French cuisine has a lot to offer.

Today, enthusiasts cooks can choose between a wide range of French cookbooks. Some of them are writing by professional chefs, which is why you should choose one of these. You will indeed find some delicious recipes. Together with such a book, maybe you will discover a new passion. Who knows?! Get inspired by taking a look at the following best French cookbooks.

Best French Cookbooks

With a bit of online research, you will discover that there are countless cookbooks. Some of them are great whereas others are not. Not everyone knows how to write a cookbook. That’s why the most recommended French cookbooks are the ones written by chefs. First of all, ask yourself what type of cookbook you want.

Are you interested in simple recipes, or in the most complex ones? Are you a professional in cooking or just an enthusiast? Because, if you are an enthusiast, then it’s not recommended to start with complex recipes. We did some research as well and we found some of the best French cookbooks.

Voila! The Effortless French Cookbook: Easy Recipes to Savor the Classic Tastes of France by Cecile Delarue

This particular book is being written by a French person. That person is Cecile Delarue, a popular French cook and a food blogger. People feel more confident about those books that are being written by professionals. Cooking can be a very pleasant and relaxing activity as long as you respect some important rules. Also, note that it is mandatory to relax and take all the necessary time for preparing your dish.

Don’t hurry up because you risque ruining everything. In this book, people will find simple yet delicious recipes. In fact, the book has been created for people of all skill levels. They can learn to make with ease food and desserts as well. Moreover, the pictures will offer even more motivation to get excellent results.

It is important to know that all the recipes are traditional. This means that it will be super easy to find all the necessary ingredients. Also, there is no need to fancy kitchenware. This French cookbook is paperback. So, it is essential to take care of it while cooking. All in all, those who are being interested in French cuisine should choose this book.


  • Written by a popular French cook and food blogger
  • Simple yet delicious recipes
  • Designed for people of all skill levels


  • Some people consider a disadvantage the fact that the book has only traditional recipes

My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories by David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz is American but he lives in Paris. He is a very famous pastry chef and this is his book. As a pastry chef, people can be sure that what they will find the best information in this book. Thousands of people have already bought it and learned a lot from it. The recipes are delicious, and you will find out when making some of them. This French cookbook is excellent for beginners.

It also has several pictures that will offer extra help when cooking. The good news is that the book doesn’t contain only recipes for pastry. People will also find amazing gourmet food recipes and various desserts. Plus, along with the recipes, you will have the chance to read some of the author’s wonderful stories. These stories are being inspired by his life as a chef in the city of lights.

We are not going to reveal anything else about this book. We will let you discover by yourself. Anyone who wants to find out more about French cuisine and try some of the best recipes should buy this book. The My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories by David Lebovitz must not miss from any kitchen.


  • A collection of wonderful stories and 100 sweet & savory French-inspired recipes


  • Some people find this book too expensive

French Country Cooking: Meals and Moments from a Village in the Vineyards by Mimi Thorisson

This book is another recommendation that anyone who loves French cuisine should have. It consists of both interesting stories and delicious recipes. The author is a very popular French cook. Moreover, Mimi Thorisson also has a food blog. This should not allow readers to worry that the recipes are being taken from the internet. This is a good book that will help beginners prepare some delicious French recipes.

Even professionals will still find something to their interest in this book. The good news is that all the recipes need ingredients that can be found with ease. Note that some books have complicated recipes with hard-to-find ingredients. Another great thing about this book is that the author is super funny. Readers will enjoy her wonderful stories.

There are many French dishes highly appreciated worldwide. Some of them are easy to prepare right in the comfort of your home. If you have decided to go for them, then this book is an excellent help. It is an illustrated edition that will take you into the wonderful world of super tasty French dishes.


  • Easy yet delicious recipes for beginners and professionals as well
  • Illustrated edition
  • Written by a popular French cook
  • Wonderful stories along with some of the most delicious French recipes


  • A bit too expensive for some people

Best French Cookbooks Guide

Choosing a French cookbook is quite tricky. That’s because there are loads available on the market. This is why it is important to select the book following some simple criteria. Take a look at the info below and see what is essential to consider before making a buy.

Your level of skill

The most important aspect of all is your level of skill. If you are a beginner then it is not recommended to choose a book that has complex recipes. Go for a book that is being meant for beginners, and which has simple recipes. On the other hand, if you are an expert, then choose one according to your general knowledge. There are also cookbooks for everyone. These books come with all sorts of recipes, simple and complex ones as well.

Hardcover vs. paperback

This is a detail that many people don’t find important. We want to mention that a hardcover is usually to be preferred. Since the book is going to be in the kitchen, it will get a lot of abuse. A hardcover will protect the content better. Yet, at the end of the day, this is a personal choice.

Personal preferences

Some books are being specialized in a particular category of recipes. There are cookbooks only for desserts, and books that will only teach the user how to cook fish. If you are being interested in one particular category, then look for that specific book.

Never choose Kindle

Kindle is very popular these days, but our advice is to not go for it. This will beat the entire purpose of a cookbook. Having the book in your hand is much better than using modern technology. Plus, the book will be in your house forever and you can use it whenever you want.

Against all common misconceptions, people are still buying cookbooks. They have this nostalgic need to do things in a certain way. It is exactly like that with a cookbook. Today, the cookbooks are not what they used to be. They are offering amazing recipes and stories about people who had all kinds of experiences.

The point is that the reader gets more than a few ingredients put together. A French cookbook will teach the reader lots of wonderful things. That’s why it is important to follow the above criteria to make an excellent choice.

Best French Cookbooks Conclusion

Lots of people love the French style of cooking. French cuisine has plenty of tasty recipes. Plus, their food is healthier than other cuisines. All the cookbooks we reviewed above are great. Yet, our recommendation would be Mimi Thorisson’s book. The French Country Cooking: Meals and Moments from a Village in the Vineyard, is amazing.

The recipes are easy yet super tasty. We also like that the author knows how to guide the reader through the recipes. Plus, she has a wonderful sense of humor. The book is excellent for anyone who wants to find out more about French cuisine. Those who want to eat healthier should own this cookbook.

It will give them insight into cooking, and they will enjoy it even more. In fact, any of the above books will give the reader the same feeling. So, we recommend trying all the recipes that these books are offering.


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