Best French Fry Cutters 2021 – Pros and Cons

We believe that it is very hard to resist French fries. They look and taste super delicious. These fries are popular in lots of countries not only in France. There are many people who prefer to make their own French fries, right in the comfort of their home. Preparing them at home is more accessible. Plus, you can have them whenever you want.

Yet, to get the perfect French fries, it is essential to use a high-quality French fry cutter. These tools are available in many sizes and they come with different features as well. Which one is best to choose? What factors are the most important ones when making such a buy? How can you get those crispy and tasty fries? For more information about the best French fry cutters are, continue to read this article.

Best French Fry Cutters

There are so many models in the shops that will make your head spin. Since you are already reading this article, there is no need to worry about this aspect. After a deep research, we have found the best items of this type. All of them have excellent customer reviews. Plus, they come with modern features that will help users get those super crispy fries.

Below are some excellent products that will satisfy even the most demanding client. We are sure that at least one of them will be to our reader’s liking.

New Star FoodService Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter

It is true that this unit is not the cheapest, but it is one of the best. We like a lot that it is a durable machine that will last for years. The rod is being made of high-quality stainless steel. This material doesn’t rust or corrode. Moreover, it will look all shiny and new for a long time. The body is being made of rust-proof powder-coated heavy-duty cast iron.

It won’t break even if some try to do it on purpose. This device can cut potatoes into 3/8-inch pieces. There are some accessories available so that the user can enjoy its full versatility. That will enable you to cut potatoes in smaller or even thicker pieces than 3/8 inches. On the product’s customer reviews, clients say that the device is super easy to use.

The instructions are crystal clear. The cleaning is a piece of cake. The New Star Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter features 4 suction cup legs. Once the unit is being fixated in place, the user can barely get it off the counter. There is also the possibility to mount it on the wall. Just make sure that the surface is very smooth.


  • It features a rust-proof powder-coated heavy-duty cast iron body
  • Stainless-steel rod for excellent performance
  • Strong suction feet
  • Easy to clean


  • Only one blade included

Progressive International PI8-1000 Mandoline Slicer

This is a durable and high-quality unit that you will not regret choosing it. The machine features an extra-wide slicing deck made of stainless steel. As we all know, this material is a very durable one. The tool has 4 adjustable slicing thickness and 2 julienne options for thin and French fry cuts. This slicer is perfect for anyone who wants to make his own French fries at home.

There is even a waffle cutting style option. What all customers like about this unit is its versatility. It can be used for other purposes as well, which is amazing. Despite its various features, this device is super easy to use. The user must only pull down the handle and the tool will do the rest of the job. Whole potatoes can be sliced within seconds.

Due to the safety handguard, using this slicer is very safe. Plus, there are also some special non-skid feet that will hold it in place. When the task is being completed, these feet can be folded to reduce storage space. The only disadvantage is that this unit can be rather messy. That’s because there is no trail catcher.


  • It can cut potatoes in a short time
  • There are 4 adjustable thickness settings
  • Compact and portable design
  • Easy to clean / Dishwasher safe


  • Some pieces may remain inside the unit
  • It doesn’t have a trail catcher

Goplus French Fry Cutter

Cutting French fries can be a challenging task. Yet, with the right tool, things are much easier. This unit helps in making this process an easier and more pleasant one. The device comes with sharp and high-quality blades so that not much pressure needs to be applied. There are 4 different blades that the user can choose from. These blades are being created for obtaining different fry sizes.

Plus, they are being designed to be super simple to change when desired. The Goplus French Fry Cutter can be cleaned with ease. Plus, it can fit into even tiny kitchens. That’s why it is perfect for those who live in small houses and do not have too much space. Note that the unit is not s sturdy one, unfortunately.

However, this problem can be solved by adding some suction cups to the base. This clever trick will help the machine stay in its place when being in use. If you want an affordable French fry cutter yet an efficient one, then this model will meet your needs. Go for it and there won’t be any regrets whatsoever.


  • Super easy to use
  • Doesn’t require too much pressure
  • It features 4 blade sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • It doesn’t require much pressure
  • Perfect for small kitchens


  • Assembly can be a little tricky
  • It doesn’t have a sturdy construction

Best French Fry Cutter Guide

In the following, we will show our readers how to buy the best French fry cutter. With so many models out there, we know that making a decision is hard and confusing. By paying a bit of attention to some factors, the choice will be much easier. It is being recommended to not buy a random item. Do some research before going shopping. With that being said, let’s see what people must consider when shopping for such a product.

Commercial grade or otherwise

There are some units of this type that look like a small grid that features crisscrossed blades. We don’t recommend these products because the user’s fingers will be too close to the blades. This means that injuries can happen. What we do recommend is to choose a commercial-grade device. With a tool like this, your fingers will not be in danger. Plus, you will get perfect French fries every time.


The construction is another important factor. Since this is a kitchenware unit, the chosen item must be durable. Metal is being preferred, but there are also some products made of plastic that work pretty well. Those who want to save money, in the long run, should choose a metal device.

Ease of cleaning

When shopping for a tool like this, don’t forget to check if the product can be disassembled with ease or not. This information will help you know if the device can be cleaned with ease. Always opt for a tool that is easy to clean, especially if you are going to use it very often.

Mounting options

It is essential to own a stable device. The mounting mechanism plays an important role in this situation. The best one is the one that involves potent suction cup legs. Once the user puts the unit on the counter, it will not move not even an inch. This way, the user will enjoy both stability and safety.


Many people prefer buying a kitchen tool that can be used for several tasks. There are also French fry cutters that can be used for cutting vegetables in different sizes as well. With these units, you can make carrot fingers. Cucumber fingers, apple slices, and much more. Investing in a versatile kitchen tool is the best thing anyone can do. Even if it costs more, the satisfaction will be much higher.

French Fry Cutter FAQ

What’s the best French fry cutter?

The best French fry cutter is the New Star FoodService Commercial Grade. It is a durable device, and therefore a long-term investment. The unit features a stainless-steel rod. The material doesn’t corrode or rust. Plus, it will look new for a long time. The body is also made of top-quality rust-proof powder-coated cast iron.

The machine can cut potatoes into 3/8-inch pieces. So, you will be able to obtain perfect French fries. Also, the unit comes with some useful accessories to enjoy its full versatility. Cleaning this unit is piece of cake. With so many client positive reviews, this product is the best one available in stores.

What do you use to cut French fries?

French fries are loved by everyone. Yet, not all of us can make the perfect French fries, unless we have the right device for that. So, the best thing to do is to buy a French fry cutter. These units can be found on the market in many models. Not all of them are high-quality, which is why it is best to do some research. Opt for a device that is being made of top-quality and durable materials. Also, make sure the unit is easy to use.

How do you clean a French fry cutter?

French fry cutters are easy to use and easy to clean as well. No matter how the device is being used, cleaning it every time will be piece of cake. The manufacturer of such an item recommends washing the device prior to use with a mild dish detergent.

Do not use hot or cold water. Instead, use warm water for obtaining the best results. This will also protect the material. Plus, it is essential to always use a soft bristle brush, but only if it’s necessary.

How do you use a manual French fry cutter?

Using a manual French fry cutter is not difficult at all. Even if you are a beginner, it will be very simple to use it. Mount the unit onto a smooth countertop. It can also be mounted on a cutting board. Do this by flipping the suction base lever 5 to the opposite side.

The next step is to raise the device’s arm 1 and place an entire or a half potato into the hopper. Once you do so, press the unit’s arm 1 all the way down. When doing so, use firm and constant pressure to cut.

Best French Fry Cutter Conclusion

Even though we like all the products we reviewed above, we remain loyal to one of them. That would be the New Star FoodService Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter. The device is easy to use, very safe, and it offers the most amazing results. The fries come out perfect, and we also love the affordable price.

Even though the buyer will pay little money for it, this doesn’t mean that the unit will not last a long time. In fact, this product is a durable one and it can be used for years to come. Cutting French fries can be an easy task only if you are using the right tool. Fortunately, this tool is excellent for such a task.

Choosing any of the products we reviewed would be a great choice. All of them are high-quality, durable, easy to use, and super-efficient. That’s why we are sure that any client will be satisfied.


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