Best Marine Coolers 2021 – Pros and Cons

When going on a trip on the sea, or when going fishing, a marine cooler can be very useful. Do you want to have the most efficient item of this type? If so, then in the following we will be reviewing some of the best marine coolers that you can find in the shops. With so many models, making a choice can be confusing to many people.

That’s why we decided to do some online research to find out what products buyers prefer the most. So, we found what we’ve been looking for and we want to share these products with you as well. Plus, we made a buying guide that will surely be super useful for shoppers. With this being said, let’s see what are the best marine coolers available out there.

Best Marine Coolers

Anyone who is in the market for a marine cooler has come to the right place. Below, we are going to review some of the best marine coolers available in the shops at the moment. Coleman, Yetti, and Igloo are some of the most appreciated manufacturers. Their items come with innovative features, they are super durable and high-quality.

Even though marine coolers seem like basic items, in reality, things are more complex. In fact, a marine cooler is much different than a regular cooler. Take a look at the following models that we found to be super popular.

Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Portable Cooler

Coleman is a reliable cooler manufacturer. It produces a wide range of such items at affordable prices. The quality is great, and the best thing of all is that the products are durable. This particular item is a large marine cooler that is great for any boat. The cooler features a capacity of 120 quarts, which means that it can hold up to 200 cans. We appreciate the fact that the Coleman Coastal is efficient at ice retention.

The insulated lid and also the walls can keep your drinks and food on ice for about 6 days. This result is only if the temperature outside doesn’t exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In case this happens, then the ice retention period will shorten a bit. You don’t need to worry about durability. The hardware is being made of top-quality stainless steel.

The exterior is being protected by UVGuard. As a result, this item will maintain its integrity for several years. There are also other innovative features. For example, this marine cooler comes with a threaded drain that is leak-resistant. There is no need to tilt the cooler. An antimicrobial additive keeps bacteria at bay inside and outside as well. The unit can be moved with ease thanks to its wheels and two side-handles.


  • 120 quarts capacity
  • Super-efficient at ice retention
  • Large marine cooler
  • Insulated lid and walls that keep the drinks cold for up to 6 days
  • Exterior protected by UVGuard
  • Leak-resistant threaded drain
  • Antimicrobial additive
  • Wheels and 2 side-handles for easy movement


  • The lid can be too tight

Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler

This might as well be one of the best marine coolers available on the market at the moment. The Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler is a top-shelf product that you will enjoy for many years to come. Even if it’s a bit more expensive than other models, the investment will be on the long-term. One of the best features is the PermaFrost insulation. It allows the user to enjoy ice-cold drinks even after 4 days.

We also like that the cooler comes with an extra thick FatWall design. The temperature exchange is quite difficult to achieve. This unit is bear-proof. It comes with a Rotomolded construction. Due to this construction, the cooler from Yeti can withstand anything. We also want to mention that the product has T-Rex lid latches.

These latches are being made of heavy-duty rubber, which means that they will never break. Inside is a dry goods basket and non-sleep feet that will keep the unit in one place. All in all, the Yeti Tundra 45 is a high-quality marine cooler. Lots of buyers are recommending it due to its efficiency and durability. After all, this is everything you need from an item like this.


  • Very well insulated
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • PermaFrost insulation
  • Extra thick FatWall design
  • T-Rex lid latches


  • It is bulky for how much it holds

Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler

This product is also one of the most popular ones. People appreciate this unit because it is high-quality, durable, and affordable. The features are excellent and they highly improve the quality of this item. This model comes in various sizes. The smallest one is a 28-quart model, whereas the largest one features a 128 quarts capacity. This unit can keep ice intact for about 3 days in average temperatures.

Even though the ice will start to melt after 3 days, you can still use the cooler for another couple of days. The liner is being designed to be odor-resistant. Plus, the coating will not allow stains to stick around. The unit also features UV protection. This feature helps at protecting the cooler against yellowing. This means that it will remain as good as new for several years.

Another great feature is the threaded drain plug so that the user can hook up a hose. The large models come with velcros on the lid that allows installing a cushion. The manufacturer also added a cutting board and a food tray that allow easy food preparation.


  • Available in various sizes
  • The ice is being kept intact for 3 days
  • UV protection
  • Threaded drain plug
  • Large models come with velcros on the lid
  • Cutting board and food tray for easy food preparation
  • Durable


  • Some users complained that the drain plug leaks

Best Marine Coolers Guide

To not make a mistake, we recommend you to consider a few important factors. They are as follows:


The size is one of the most important factors that matter when buying a marine cooler. Every person needs a product like this for a different reason. Depending on the reason, the user will also choose the right size for his needs. Plus, note that not all boats are equal. So, this means that the size of the marine cooler you choose depends on the size of the boat.

Take a look at the measurements and see if the item you like fits where you want to put it. If the boat is big, then this is not an issue. Yet, it is essential to decide on the size of the unit.


A unit like this will go through several circumstances that require it to last. Most of the marine coolers available on the market are being built to last. Some models come with a lifetime warranty. The idea is the more durable the unit is, the longer the user will be able to enjoy.

Ice retention

In general, manufacturers let you know how long the marine cooler is going to keep the ice intact. Most users are being tempted to buy the model that has the most extended ice retention. The truth is that there is no point in buying a product that keeps then ice for 10 days if your trips only last 2 days. Note that the longer the ice retention, the higher the price.

Non-slip options

Some marine coolers can be mounted, whereas others come with non-slip feet. A feature like this is super important. Otherwise, the cooler will move every time the boat is rocking. The non-slip feet are a bit easier to handle because mounting requires a mounting kit. This kit is usually being sold separately. Yet, the mounted unit will be a lot better secured in place.

Extra features

When looking for extra features, it is a must to look for something that will actually be useful. For example, we recommend those models that allow the placement of a cushion on the lid. On a small boat, this feature comes in handy because there is some extra space where people can sit. Moreover, some models come with a measurement market on the lid. This is super useful as it lets you measure your catch.

Marine Coolers FAQ

What is the best marine cooler?

The best such item is the Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Portable Cooler. It has a 120-quart capacity, which means that it can hold up to 200 cans. The insulated lid and walls will keep your food and drinks cold for about 6 days. Another great feature is the stainless-steel hardware. This material is very durable.

Buyers also appreciate the leak-resistant threaded drain. Plus, the antimicrobial additive will keep bacteria at bay inside and outside as well. This marine cooler can be moved with ease thanks to the wheels and side-handles.

Are marine coolers better?

Marine coolers are better than regular coolers because they retain ice for longer. Moreover, these units are rust-resistant and have a better build quality. We are not saying that regular coolers are bad, but marine coolers definitely offer a lot more advantages. So, depending on how you are going to use a marine cooler, you can choose one type or another. This is a matter of personal choice.

Are expensive coolers worth it?

These units have a better insulation quality. Plus, the walls are thicker, which means that the ice will be preserved about two times longer than most low-cost coolers. Yet, it is essential that the user pre-chills the cooler with ice a day before he needs the cooler. Note that investing in a high-quality cooler will allows you to benefit from some great advantages. Plus, it won’t be necessary to replace the unit too soon.

How do ice coolers work?

In most cases, the insulation is made of plastic or foam. This insulation lines the cooler’s inside, slowing down the circulation of warm air. The ice maintains the cooler’s inside nice and chilly. The insulation has the role to slow down the warm air through a process that is being called convection. Ice coolers are very appreciated today and popular in every corner of the world.

Do coolers work without ice?

There are many coolers that are being rated for a minimum of two days. The most high-quality ones are being rated for seven days. If the cooler is packed tightly and there is enough frozen food, then ice or ice packs might not be necessary at all. The frozen food will be enough if it is already in block form. Yet, it is recommended to invest in a premium cooler, so that the results can be excellent.

Best Marine Coolers Conclusion

If you want to buy a durable marine cooler, then the information provided above will surely be useful. Plus, the products we reviewed above are the most appreciated ones at the moment. Choosing any of them would be an excellent choice. If none of these is to your liking, then our buying guide will help you choose the right item for your needs.

In case we had to go for one product, we would choose the Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler. This is an outstanding item that is super-efficient and durable. This is one of the few models that come in different colors. We also like that this unit is being very well insulated. Keeping your beverages fresh and cold while you are on the sea, is not difficult at all. Any of the above marine coolers will offer great satisfaction.


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