Best Meat Slicers 2021 – Pros and Cons


Cooking has become a lot easier in the past few years. We now have all sorts of kitchen utensils that help us prepare delicious meals with ease. Do you think that there is something missing in your kitchen? Well, if so, maybe you need a meat slicer. A tool like this will be an excellent help for anyone who likes cooking. This kitchenware can prove to be super helpful around the kitchen.

It is mostly used for commercial purposes, but there are also some models perfect for home use. And you know what? You must definitely own a tool like this. With this being said, we invite you to continue reading this article. Below, we are reviewing the best meat slicers on the market. Moreover, there is also a buying guide that we hope will be a real help for those who don’t know what product to choose.

Best Meat Slicers

For those who have trouble finding a good product, we did some research and found the best meat slicers. These units are from the most popular and trustworthy manufacturers. Chef’s Choice, Beswood, and Cuisinart are offering premium and durable products. They have modern features that help the user get the desired result without effort.

So, if you haven’t yet found the desired item, choose one of the models we picked out. All of them have excellent customer reviews. Check them out and see which one meets your needs.

Chef’s Choice Meat Slicer

There are lots of items from this manufacturer that have proven to be super useful over the years. Even though many of these products are affordable, they have high-quality materials. This meat slicer is no different. It is an excellent kitchen tool that will make your life easier. Its construction is almost flawless. All the parts are being made of durable cast aluminum and stainless steel.

These materials make the unit rust and corrosion-proof. The slicer features a 120-watt motor, which is powerful enough to deliver high torque. The motor comes equipped with a gear drive. The food carriage is being tilled for efficient and fast cutting. What we like about this slicer is that can be used for other purposes as well.

You can use it for cutting many other foods than only meat. By using the knob, the user can control with ease the thickness of the slices. The slices vary from deli-thin to ¾ inches thick. This product comes with a serving tray as well. It is super easy to use. Plus, the removable parts, except the blade, can be thrown in the dishwasher.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Versatile
  • Rust and corrosion-proof
  • 120-watt motor
  • Removable parts
  • Easy to use


  • Some people complained about the large dimensions

Beswood Premium Carbon Steel Food Slicer

This is yet another item that we are sure you will be interested in. It is a beautiful and durable model, easy to use, and with some amazing features. The unit features a potent motor that is capable of pushing the blade through anything. This is the main reason why the manufacturer recommends to wear steel gloves at all times. The gloves will offer excellent protection. Note that this is an expensive product.

Even so, the buyer will get a high-quality chrome-plated carbon steel blade that will never corrode. Moreover, the blade doesn’t need to be sharpened as often as with other models. This unit will do a great job in record time, which means that the user will not need to struggle to slice anything. We also want to mention that there is a double illuminated on and off switch that helps at preventing a power shock.

This cheese, fruits, and vegetables. In fact, the Beswood Premium Carbon Steel Food Slicer will not disappoint its users in any way. Overall, this product is a good kitchen tool that will make cooking a lot easier and more pleasurable.


  • High-quality Chromium-plated carbon steel blade
  • The blades don’t need to be sharpened too often
  • Double illuminated ON/OFF switch 24V
  • USA standard approved: NSF, ETL
  • It runs smoothly and quietly


  • Some users complained that the cleaning is a bit hard

Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

This meat slicer is excellent for those who want a more affordable option. Yet, the affordable price doesn’t mean that the product is poor-quality. In fact, it is being considered by many buyers a great unit that maintains its efficiency for a long time. The machine provides the strength and reliability everybody needs. Its construction is super durable.

The Cuisinart Slicer has high-quality coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing. The blade is being made of durable stainless steel, and it has 7.5 inches. Plus, the removable carriage is being made of stainless steel as well. All these components can be removed with ease for cleaning. The thickness of the slices can be adjusted by using the slice control knob.

So, you can slice anything you want at any given time. The thickness can be from paper-thin 1/32 inches to ½ inches. We also like that the blade can take lots of food types. Moreover, it doesn’t need sharpening often. All you need to do is to make sure that the machine is being oiled on a regular basis. For that, check what the manual recommends, and this way damage will be avoided.


  • Heavy-duty 130-watt motor
  • Stainless-steel removable carriage
  • Premium-coated steel & die-cast aluminum housing
  • Removable 7.5-inch undulated stainless-steel cutting blade
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning
  • Affordable


  • Some users say that it is difficult to get a thin clean slice

Best Meat Slicers Guide

To find the best unit, you must filter through the models from various manufacturers. Plus, to make the best choice, it is essential to take into account a few factors. Here are the aspects that matter when choosing a meat slicer.


There are two types of meat slicers available out there. Each model comes with advantages and disadvantages. The first type is the manual meat slicer. This unit requires manpower to work. It is easy to use, affordable, and there is no need for electricity to operate it. Yet, it requires a lot more effort, and it is not as efficient as the other type.

The second type is the automatic meat slicer, which has it all. The machine is being run by a motor that spins the blade. The only thing that the user must do is to plug it in and place the item that needs to be sliced. After doing so, select the thickness and the unit will do the rest of the job. The slices will come out on the other side in seconds.

This model is super easy to operate and a lot more efficient. Moreover, it doesn’t require any effort whatsoever. The only disadvantage is that a product like this is more expensive.


Automatic units feature a motor that spins the blade. Yet, not all motors are the same. Some of them are slower, whereas others are faster. There are units that come with potent motors capable of slicing all day long. Note that the motor’s wattage is also responsible for the overheating. A too-small motor used for lots of things to slice, will overheat at some point and stop. Before making a choice, think about how much meat you are going to slice.


Meat slicers are not cheap. Some of them are affordable, but even so, the price is not low. That’s why it is essential to make sure you invest your money on a product that can be used for a long time. By reading some online reviews, you will find out what are the models that people love the most. We recommend spending some extra money on a high-quality item than looking for another model after a short time.

Ease of cleaning

Since we are talking about meat, it is more than important to have a meat slicer that is easy to clean. Plus, this tool is an excellent environment for bacteria development. So, it is essential to clean the machine after each use. Owning a model that is easy to clean will definitely make your life a lot easier.

So, we recommend looking for a model that comes with removable parts. This way, all the elements can be washed thoroughly and the user will have access everywhere.

Easy-to-remove blade

The blade is an important element in a device like this and also the most dangerous one. If choosing a model that has a difficult-to-remove blade, then chances of injuries will increase. Safety is essential, especially when using a kitchen tool that can rob you of your fingers in an instant. So, we recommend buying a machine that features an easy-to-remove blade.

Meat Slicers FAQ

What are the best meat slicers?

There are a few products that are highly appreciated at the moment. The Chef’s Choice Mat Slicer is one of the best ones. The unit is made of high-quality materials, it is versatile, and it is also rust and corrosion-proof. Moreover, it is very easy to use and it comes with removable parts.

Another great item is the Beswood Premium Carbon Steel Food Slicer. This one is USA standard approved: ETL, NSF. It runs smoothly and quietly, and it does a great job. The third best meat slicer is the Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer. This device features a heavy-duty 130-watt motor and premium-coated steel & die-cast aluminum construction.

Is buying a meat slicer worth it?

A meat slicer is definitely more than useful. With so many types available in stores, choosing one is a hard job for many people. Yet, the best thing to do is to invest in a mid-range electric meat slicer. This is an excellent balance between safety features, performance, and power. Plus, the larger blade allows the user to slice several types of food, including cheese. Note that meat slicers are quite versatile devices.

Can meat slicers cut raw meat?

The meat slicer can be used for slicing raw meat. Yet, it is important to make sure that no cross-contamination will occur with cooked foods in the area. Plus, the raw meat must be firm and not a floppy mess as this makes it harder to slice even slices. So, yes, you can use a meat slicer for cutting raw meat, but you must always be very careful when doing that.

What should I look for when buying a meat slicer?

For choosing a good product, it is important to consider s few aspects. First of all, the unit must come with stainless steel blades. This material doesn’t rust and it can cut through almost anything.

Second of all, the buyer must also make sure he chooses a unit that features a built-in sharpener for the blades to keep them sharp at all times. There are lots of meat slicers available in stores. Yet, if taking these details into consideration, anyone can make a perfect choice.

Can you slice frozen meat with a meat slicer?

Yes, frozen meat can be sliced with a meat slicer. It is true that this task is a difficult one, but it is definitely not impossible. A professional meat slicer can help you slice meat without thawing. In fact, thawing adversely affects the flavor and texture of the meat. Every meat slicer comes with clear instructions about how to use it and for what tasks you can use it. Read these instructions carefully before buying a particular device.

Best Meat Slicers Conclusion

All the products mentioned above will be great in helping you with the slicing. They are high-quality and made by the most appreciated manufacturers. Yet, our favorite is the Beswood Premium Carbon Steel Food Slicer. Why is this our choice? Well, not because the other items are not good. We are choosing this meat slicer because it has more useful features than the other products.

Even though this model is not as affordable as the other ones, it is still the one we recommend the most. It has a premium chromium-plated carbon steel blade that doesn’t need to be sharpened too often. Plus, it runs smoothly and quietly, which is another wonderful advantage. The machine is USA standard approved: NSF and ETL. Owning such a kitchen tool will make your life a lot easier.




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