Best Meat Tenderizers 2021 – Pros and Cons

Meat is the most important source of protein. There are many types of meat we can choose from. These days, we have red meat, poultry, and so on. On the other hand, cooking meat in the correct way is not very easy. Yet, it can be when using the right kitchen tools. There are some types of meat that require serious skills. Beef is one of these meats.

One of the most important secrets when cooking beef is that it will cook better when tenderized. So, for this, it is necessary to have a meat tenderizer. A high-quality one is being required to get the best results. A premium kitchen tool like this will save the day when you find yourself in such a situation.

To help you make a perfect choice, we have found the best meat tenderizers on the market. Check out the reviews and the buying guide to ease your decision.

Best Meat Tenderizers

Choosing a meat tenderizer is quite hard given the many models available out there. So, we want to recommend to you some of the most appreciated tools. Below, you will find the reviews of some of the most appreciated meat tenderizers. These items are from reliable manufacturers like Cave Tools, OXO, and All Cart.

All these items are great and people who have already bought them are more than satisfied. This investment is definitely a long-term one. Moreover, it looks like these units are also super easy to use and comfortable for your hands. So, check them out.

Cave Tools Meat Tenderizer Mallet Tool

We decided to start with this product because it has lots of positive customer reviews. First of all, this is super comfortable to use tool. The mallet comes in handy whenever someone needs to tenderize beef or pork meat. In fact, it can be used for any type of meat, including chicken. When making schnitzels, this tool is great. The meat will come out tender, juicy, and with an amazing flavor.

Another good thing about this product is that it is dishwasher safe. Its construction is a durable one, and that’s due to the stainless-steel material. The design is super nice, and the mallet is not heavy at all. People are using it for whatever they find necessary, and they haven’t been disappointed so far. As we said earlier, there are plenty of positive reviews about this item.

The design is also beautiful and attractive. We also want to mention that the Cave Meat Tenderizer comes with 25 professional recipes. Plus, the manufacturer offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If the customer is not happy with this product, he can return it for a full money back refund.


  • Excellent for tenderizing beef or pork meat
  • The meat will cook faster and it will be juicer and tastier
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Attractive design
  • It comes with 25 professional recipes
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee


  • The food keeps getting stuck in the collar

OXO Good Grips Meat Tenderizer

This is another high-quality meat tenderizer that we want to recommend. It has some wonderful features that make it durable and efficient. The OXO Good Grips Meat Tenderizer has a smooth side for pounding. Plus, it has a brushed stainless steel handle with flexible rubber fins for comfort. This means that your hands will not get tired not even after using the tool for a long time.

Another great advantage is that the tenderizer’s surface is being textured for best use. This item is one-piece aluminum construction for strength and durability. The dual-purpose unit allows the user to flatten cutlets and tenderize meat with ease. We are sure that the shoppers will also appreciate the OXO better guarantee.

If they have trouble with the unit, they can get in touch with the manufacturer for replacing the tool. With this tool, cooking meat will be an easy and pleasant process. Moreover, the meat will be cooked a lot faster and it will have a better taste. All in all, the OXO Good Grips Meat Tenderizer is a premium unit that we highly recommend.


  • Smooth side for pounding
  • Brushed stainless-steel handle with flexible rubber fins
  • Textured surface for optimum use
  • One-piece aluminum construction
  • Durable kitchen tool


  • It is not dishwasher safe

All Cart Meat Tenderizer

This product is a needle-like meat tenderizer. The tool has been made to puncture the meat until it breaks the fibers. In fact, the unit will shred the meat until it is excellent for cooking. After using this tool, the meat will be more tender, which will improve cooking efficiency. This unit features 48 extra-sharp blades that penetrate the meat efficiently and smoothly. The tenderizer is a convenient tool to use.

Plus, the bones don’t represent any problem whatsoever. Yet, we recommend always remove the bones before tenderizing. The blades are being made of premium stainless steel. This material is durable and it doesn’t rust or corrode. The manufacturer guarantees that buyers will own this unit for a long period of time. The hand shank features an anti-slip design.

This means that your hands will feel comfortable at all times. You only need to press down on the top and the super-sharp blades will cut through the toughest meat. The base is detachable for easy cleaning. With the transparent cover, the user can keep the tool clean at all times. Overall, with a modern kitchen tool like this, your meat will taste even more delicious.


  • Needle-like meat tenderizer
  • 48 extra-sharp blades that penetrate meat efficiently
  • Convenient to use
  • Premium stainless-steel construction
  • It doesn’t rust or corrode
  • Detachable base for easy cleaning
  • The sharp blades cut through the toughest meat


  • Some people say that it is not so comfortable to use

Best Meat Tenderizer Guide

It is important to select the right meat tenderizer for you. You need to feel comfortable using this tool. Plus, it is also very important to know how much strength you have in your hands. In general, women prefer a mallet because it doesn’t require too much effort. Apart from the kind of meat tenderizer, here is what the shopper must pay attention to.


These days, people use all sorts of kitchen tools to tenderize meat. Yet, there are some specific units that have been designed for meat tenderizing. There are three types out there. There are mallets, mashers, and blade tenderizers. All of them offer great results, but many users prefer meat tenderizers. These units are easier to use and super-efficient at the same time.


The material plays an important role because it determines the durability of the unit. We are sure that nobody wants to buy a product like this, every two months. So, it is being recommended to invest in an item that has superior quality. The best material of all is stainless steel. This material is durable, resistant, and it doesn’t rust or corrode.


This aspect is another important one. Some meat tenderizers are versatile and they can be used for other purposes as well. For example, they can be used for crushing nuts or garlic. Take into consideration this detail as well when shopping for a tool like this.

Other aspects should also be considered such as the number of blades and whatnot. Tenderizing meat is not a difficult process, but only if you use the right tool. If the unit is not high-quality, then the result won’t be as expected. Plus, you will most probably get annoyed quite a lot. When using a good tool, the meat will cook faster. This is because the tenderizer will crush very well the fibers of the flesh.

In fact, the cooking time will decrease by 60%. Moreover, the meat will taste a lot better and it will be juicer. The cooking will be even when using a premium meat tenderizer. As you can see, there are lots of great advantages to using a high-quality kitchen tool like this. So, make sure you take into consideration all the above details when shopping for such a product.

Meat Tenderizers FAQ

What’s the best meat Tenderiser?

Cave Tools Meat Tenderizer is the best product available right now. Whether you want to prepare pork or beef meet, this tool will certainly come in handy. The meat will be tender, juicy, and with a great flavor. The stainless-steel material makes this tool a durable one. Plus, many buyers love it because it is quite versatile.

The manufacturer offers for the Cave Tools Meat Tenderizer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Very easy to use, super-efficient, and durable, this item is definitely a must-have in any kitchen.

What is the best way to tenderize meat?

There are several ways to tenderize meat. All of them are simple and they don’t need to much knowledge in this area. The first method is to physically tenderize the meat. A meat mallet can be great for tough cuts such as chuck steak. A marinade can also be super useful. Don’t forget the salt, and let the meat come up to room temperature. Cook it low and slow. The most delicious meat is the one that is being cooked slow.

Are meat tenderizers worth it?

Meat tenderizers have become more and more popular today. They are definitely amazing kitchen tools. They worth every penny because they offer excellent results. A bladed meat tenderizer features 50 sharp blades. These blades create pockets for meat to absorb marinades in a short time. This also promotes uniform cooking. So, at the end of the cooking process, you will get a juicy and flavored piece of meat.

What can I use instead of meat tenderizer?

There are a few household items that work great and that can be used instead of a meat tenderizer. For example, you can use a cast-iron skillet or another heavy saucepan. An empty wine bottle is also another great idea. Some people also use a shatter-proof measuring cup.

The truth is that you can be quite inventive when it comes to these things. Yet, these solutions are for occasional situations, because if you cook meat on a regular basis, then you must definitely get a meat tenderizer.

What steak needs the most tenderizing?

Cube steaks are not as succulent as braised beef chunks. Pounding is an excellent method to tenderize a steak. This solution is quick and easy at the same time. Moreover, pounding comes with a few great advantages. First of all, the meat will cook in a shorter time. Second of all, the steak will be cooked evenly. Note that it is essential that no matter what type of meat you decide to cook, it must be prepared slowly.

Best Meat Tenderizers Conclusion

There are plenty of ways of cooking meat. Yet, tenderizing will almost always be part of the process. This tool will make the meal taste delicious, and the cook will spend less time in the kitchen. By choosing one of the products above, we are sure that you will be amazed. All the meat tenderizers we have reviewed in this article are durable, efficient, and easy to use.

Yet, we would go for the Cave Tools Meat Tenderizer Mallet Tool. Why are we choosing this model? Well, because it can be used with ease for any type of meat. The result will be juicy and super delicious meat, with an amazing flavor. We also like that the unit is being made of durable stainless steel. Plus, the design is elegant and attractive. Also, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.


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