Best Omelet Pans 2021 – Pros and Cons

An omelet is easy to make, and the best thing about it is that it can be done in various ways. Plus, it is healthy and it can be ready in a short time, which is a huge advantage when we are really hungry. A substantial breakfast helps us feel more energetic and start our day in a better way. As we said earlier, there are many delicious omelet recipes. Yet, the result won’t be so great if you don’t use the right pan.

These days, we can find on the market various pans. Because there are so many models, many of us find it quite difficult to make a choice. So, if you are in the same situation, then take a look at the following omelet pans. We have chosen the best products of this type, products that have lots of positive reviews. Plus, there is also a super useful buying guide.

Best Omelet Pans

There are many good omelet pans out there. Yet, we have chosen to review some of them. These products have good reviews and people who have already used them are more than happy. The items below are from the most reliable manufacturers. These are: Happycall, Nordic Ware, and Techef.

Not only these tools are high-quality but they are also durable and easy to use. Since they are being made of premium materials, your meals will not stick or burn. So, let’s see what these products have to offer.

Happycall Double Omelet Pan

This pan is a high-quality one that features a non-stick cooking surface. This type of surface is essential in obtaining a delicious omelet. The oil is not necessary. Yet, if you still want to use it, then you can add a few drops but not too much. The non-stick feature also translates into easy cleaning.

This pan is dishwasher safe, which means that the user doesn’t need to bother scrubbing the unit in the sink. The two pans are being attached with a simple hinge system. The best thing about this unit is that it has a silicone seal that locks moisture and smoke as well. So, the omelet will taste even more delicious, and it will be juicy and soft. Plus, flipping the eggs with this unit is a piece of cake.

Note that it doesn’t matter which pan you put on the stove first. Both of them are exactly the same. What many buyers like about this item is that it is a versatile one. It can be used for cooking lots of things. The easy-flipping feature makes cooking enjoyable and relaxing. The user can prepare slow-roasted vegetables, steak, fish, frittatas, and more.


  • Non-stick cooking surface
  • Double-omelet pan
  • Silicone seal that locks moisture and smoke
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy-flipping feature
  • Excellent for cooking omelets, fish, steak, vegetables, and more


  • It cannot make round omelets

Nordic Ware Italian Frittata and Omelet Pan

This pan’s design is gorgeous. It looks super fancy. With the Nordic Ware Italian pan, anyone can make tasty omelets and frittatas. The tool can be used on the stove and in the oven as well. The good news is that there is no temperature limit. The pan is being made of durable stainless steel. This means that durability is not an issue.

We also like very much that this is a lightweight item and easy to use at the same time. The surface is non-stick, and no matter what you cook it will not stick on the pan. Nothing will be ruined. Moreover, cleaning will be done in about two minutes. The versatility of this item is what appeals to us the most. The user can close the pan using the other half.

This means, that the omelet can be flipped without ruining it. Yet, the user can also cook in both halves. What you must do is to place the pan on the stove and open it. In one half you can make an omelet, whereas in the other half you can make vegetables. This tool definitely makes cooking a lot easier and more pleasant.


  • Two compartments
  • Durable aluminum body that allows even heat distribution
  • The inner surface is non-sticky
  • The handle stays cool while cooking
  • It is safe to be put in the oven


  • The hinge on the lid compartment must be handled using the kitchen mitt
  • You cannot make round omelets with this pan

Techef Frittata and Omelet Pan

Techef is a reliable manufacturer that has been making great non-stick cookware since 1982. This unit comes in a small compact size. We like very much that it features two 5.3-inch compartments, which is excellent for small meals. The tool is being made of top-quality aluminum. This material is a long-lasting one. Plus, it also helps at spreading the heat evenly throughout your meal.

The Teflon-coated surface makes the pan non-stick. With such a feature, the result will be exceptional. Moreover, the non-stick surface also makes the device easy to clean. The Techef Frittata and Omelette Pan features a double-riveted stay-cool handle. This handle is 7.2-inch long and it stays cool even after cooking a long time.

Your hands will feel comfortable at all times. This is not everything, because the unit also comes with a bonus pot holder. This holder fits perfectly on the hinge so that your hands can be kept safe from scalding. The design is attractive and very modern. Overall, this product is one that will certainly not disappoint its buyers.


  • It is great for making Frittatas and omelet with filling
  • Durable aluminum body that stays cool while cooking
  • Non-sticky Teflon coated inner surface
  • Compact size
  • Double-riveted stainless-steel handle
  • It comes with a bonus pot holder


  • This is not the ideal pan for making a traditional round omelet

Best Omelet Pans Guide

It is important to know that not all pans cook an excellent omelet. There are some essential factors that any of us should consider before buying such a tool. Plus, not all brands offer high-quality items, despite the things they advertise. If paying attention to details, you will be able to make a smart choice. Here are the most important factors to take into account.

Non-stick feature

This feature is essential. Without it, the eggs will stick on the surface and they will even get burned. This detail will save the user a lot of trouble. The omelet will not get burned, and it will also not turn into scrambled eggs. Moreover, there won’t be oil excess. We recommend opting for ceramic models. They are a bit more expensive, but using them will be a real pleasure.


The shape matters as well for many people. Omelet pans are available in a variety of shapes. There are round, square, half-moon, and triangular models. The pan’s form doesn’t affect the meal.


The handle must be oven-safe and comfortable as well. Some people put much value on ergonomic design. As long as you can grab the handle firmly, it is perfect. Since the pan can be used in the oven as well, look for a model that has an oven-safe handle. Stainless-steel is great. This material is a poor heat conductor. This means that the handle will not get hot. Never choose a unit with a plastic handle because it will melt.


Double-pans are amazing. The two attached pans can help you prepare two meals at the same time. Moreover, if you close both parts, then you can mix very well the ingredients without making a mess.


One of the best things you can do is to choose a versatile pan that can be used for cooking various meals. Some models are excellent at making a frittata. Do some online research before the final decision. This way, you will learn more about omelet pans.

A premium pan will help the cook make delicious meals without burning them. The taste will be even more delicious, and the consistency will be juicier. Anyone can make an excellent choice by considering the above factors. We recommend not rushing with the final decision. With the right information and good research, you can buy the ideal omelet pan.

Omelet Pan FAQ

What is the best pan to cook an omelet?

The best pan to cook an omelet is Happycall Double Omelette Pan. This unit features a non-stick cooking surface, which means that the omelet will not stick and it will taste delicious. Plus, it is not necessary to use healthy. So, the meal will also be very healthy. The pan has a silicone seal that locks smoke and moisture as well.

Flipping the eggs with this device is very easy. The product is a dishwasher safe one. This is a feature that many users love. Moreover, due to the fact that the pan is quite versatile, you can also use it for cooking fish, steak, or vegetables.

What is the perfect size for an omelet pan?

Most of these units come with a diameter between 8 and 12 inches. An 8 or 9 inches pan will work best if you make an omelet for one person at a time. A 10 or 11 inches model is excellent for those who prepare a larger omelet that provides about two servings.

The perfect size depends on how big is your family and how often you cook such a meal. If you make an omelet only once in a while, then there is no point in getting a larger model. It is best to choose a smaller dimension.

How do you keep an omelet from sticking to the pan?

This is a detail that many people worry about. To make sure that the eggs will not stick to the pan, it is being recommended to give the pan several shakes. The eggs should move around with ease. Yet, it is important to choose a pan that features a non-stick surface. If the omelet is sticking, then you are probably cooking over too high of heat or you didn’t add enough butter.

How do restaurants make omelets so fluffy?

In general, restaurants use a high-quality batter for preparing an omelet. In fact, they add pancake batter to their eggs before they are cooked up into omelets. This is what gives them their flawlessly full texture. Some pans have a non-stick surface, which means that it is not necessary to add oil or butter.

Yet, for that fluffy texture, you should add a bit of batter. This batter should be a good one for obtaining the desired texture and a delicious taste as well.

Do you cook omelets on high or low heat?

For a more even heat distribution, it is important to preheat the cooker. Preheating over -low heat is quite advantageous. It gives the user a wider window for adding the eggs. Over high heat, it only takes around 20 seconds for the pan to go to an egg-toughening 350 degrees.

Depending on how you want your omelet to be, you can choose one option or another. Some people like their omelet to be juicy whereas others like it a bit dry.

Best Omelet Pan Conclusion

There are people who take cooking seriously. This means that they use the best kitchen tools. This activity can be a relaxing and enjoyable one as long as you use the right kitchenware. So, in terms of omelet pans, we have reviewed above some of the best models available in stores at the moment. Investing in a premium unit is an excellent starting point.

Not only this tool will last longer than other units, but it will also offer the best results. We prefer the Happycall Double Omelette Pan. It’s not like the other models are not good, but this one is versatile. It can be used for making omelets, vegetables, fish, and much more.

The unit comes with an easy-flipping feature, and it has a non-stick surface. Plus, it is a double pan that can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


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