Best Paella Pans 2021 – Pros and Cons

Every country in the world has a specific dish that is being recognized as its own. For example, Spain has a popular and super delicious Paella. Everybody knows about this dish, and we believe that all of you had this dish at least once in your lives. This tasty recipe is not a simple rice dish. It takes knowledge and skill to prepare one that has excellent taste.

If you love this dish and want to make it at home as well, then it is essential to have a Paella pan. A tool like this must be chosen with attention so that the result can be extraordinary. So, with this being said, take a look at the best Paella pans we have found for you. Also, read our buying guide, which we are sure that it will help you make the best choice.

Best Paella Pans 

With a good Paella pan, preparing this Spanish dish will be a piece of cake. That’s why it is more than important to opt for a high-quality kitchen tool like this. Below, you will find the reviews of some of the best Paella pans. These items are popular at the moment, and people who have already bought them are recommending them.

The products are from the most reliable manufacturers such as Nordic Ware, La Paella, and Ibili. We are sure that you will not be disappointed at all if choosing any of these units.

Nordic Ware 40030 Paella Pan

This unit has 15 inches, a very common size. It is not too small and not too big either. It is just perfect. The product offered by Nordic Ware is being made of aluminized steel. This material is good for more than only one reason. It is a great heat conductor, it won’t rust, and nothing will stick to it or burn. Moreover, it is easy to clean.

While many of these tools have a 2.5-inch depth, this model is a little deeper. We are talking about three inches, which is a bit too much. Note that the less depth the unit has, the quicker the liquid will evaporate. This is not a serious issue as long as you have patience. The pan’s base is not dimpled.

Plus, the unit cannot be used on open flames because aluminum is a highly conductive metal. We also like that the handles are quite sturdy. The affordable price makes this product a highly-appreciated one. This item is a versatile one, a feature that lots of buyers appreciate. All in all, the Nordic Ware 40030 Paella Pan is one of the best products in this category.


  • 15-inch Paella pan
  • Aluminized steel construction
  • It won’t rust over time
  • Very easy to clean
  • Sturdy handles
  • Versatile pan
  • Affordable price


  • It cannot be used on open flames

La Paella Pata Negra Paella Pan

This unit measures 18 inches, and it is a restaurant-grade paella pan. The tool is being made of carbon steel. This material is extra thick and durable at the same time. Even if it’s a bit too expensive, it is definitely worth it. The design is simple yet attractive, silver & black, and with black handles. It is sturdy enough to allow maneuvering the unit safely.

The food will not burn and it will not stick. Moreover, the liquid will evaporate in the perfect amount of time. It is not recommended to use this unit for stovetops. It would be better if you use a burner. This will help the heat distribute evenly. You can also use this pan on gas or charcoal grills. The handles are being more than reliable.

With this product, the buyer will get a pamphlet full of useful tips for cooking perfect Paella. Maintaining this pan is super easy as long as you do the cleaning right away after using the tool. By doing so, the material won’t rust over time. The La Paella Pata Negra Paella Pan is ideal for serving 5 to 8 people.


  • 18-inch pan
  • Extra thick and durable grade carbon steel
  • It can be used on a Paella burner or on a gas or charcoal grill
  • Excellent for serving 5 to 8 people
  • Attractive design
  • It won’t rust over time


  • It requires maintenance after each washing

Ibili Premier Stainless Steel Paella Pan

Ibili is a reliable manufacturer that has been producing kitchenware items since 1942. The products are high-quality and durable as well. This Paella pan is one of the most appreciated Ibili items. Due to its small dimensions, it is excellent for small families. The pan measures 11.02×11.02×3.15 inches.

The Ibili Premier Stainless Steel Paella Pan is being constructed with a non-stick 3 coat. This means that the food will not stick or burn. By using this top-quality pan, the user will make delicious Paella with perfect consistency. This pan is suitable for gas, electro, vitro, and induction heating sources.

After using it, you can wash it with ease thanks to its great material. Another advantage is that the heat is being distributed evenly. Again, thanks to this wonderful feature, the result will be impressive. The pan has an attractive design and thanks to its small dimensions it is super easy to store. Our conclusion is that the Ibili Premier Paella Pan is a must-have kitchen tool.


  • Stainless Steel Premier Paella Pan
  • It is shallow with a bottom that has no dimples
  • Two handles on each side
  • It can be used on stovetop including induction and in the oven
  • It doesn’t require care because it won’t rust
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Small dimension

Best Paella Pans Guide

Buying the best Paella pan is simple if you consider some important details. There are a few factors that matter a lot in a unit like this. So, we are going to talk about these aspects so that everyone can choose a high-quality item.


There are such tools from 9 to 28 inches. The size can be determined according to how many people you will serve. For example, a family of four needs a 6 to 10 inches pan. If cooking for 10 people, then it is necessary to have a 15-inch unit, and so on. When choosing the size, don’t forget to consider the size of your stovetop and storage areas as well.


The material is also super important because it has a great impact on the final result. The most popular materials are stainless steel and carbon steel. Yet, there are in the stores, pans made of aluminized steel and cast iron as well. The most appreciated material is carbon steel. Why people love it so much? Well, because it can distribute heat evenly and because it is affordable.

Yet, it is important to know that the carbon steel pans must be cleaned right after each use. This will help them look new and avoid rusting. Stainless steel is a more appealing material but it costs a lot more than carbon steel. It doesn’t rust and it can be cleaned with ease. It can even be thrown in the dishwasher, which is a huge advantage to many people.

Cast iron is yet another viable choice. This material is a great heat conductor, and it can last for a very long time. The only disadvantage is that it must be cleaned right after serving the food to not rust.

Cooking source

The cooking source is a detail that must be taken into consideration. Why? Because a large unit will not fit a small stovetop. Before making a choice, the buyer should think about where he is going to cook. Lots of people use a regular-sized stovetop, but at the same time use two burners. Note that there are special Paella burners. They don’t cost much but they require a source of gas.


A big Paella unit requires great strength to lift it up. For that, it is important to have a pan that features sturdy handles. These handles must take the whole pressure and that’s why they need to be sturdy. If they are not properly welded, they will fall off or break. It is essential to pay attention to the handles and to how they are being attached to the pan.

All the above details are very important when buying a Paella pan. If you don’t take them into account, then chances to pick a high-quality product are very low. So, we recommend considering all the factors that will help you make the perfect decision.

Paella Pans FAQ

What is the best paella pan to use?

The best Paella Pan to use is the Nordic Ware 40030. This is a 15-inch unit made of aluminized steel. This material is an excellent heat conductor and it doesn’t rust. Plus, nothing will stick to it or burn. Cleaning this pan is also very simple.

Due to its sturdy handles, the pan can be handled with ease. The risk of burns doesn’t exist at all. So, using this tool is not only easy but safe as well. What people also like is the affordable price. This pan has a lot to offer for such a small price.

What size paella pan should I buy?

The size of this unit depends on how big your family is. The most popular sizes are between 14 and 6 inches. Pans with these sizes are perfect for serving up to 4 people. If you typically serve 4 people, then it is best to buy a 14, 15, or 16 inches pan.

But, if you live alone, then it is best to go for a smaller unit, as you will certainly not need a large one. So, the size depends on how much and how often you cook paella.

Do you really need a paella pan?

Many people wonder if they can make paella without a paella pan. Well, the truth is that it is possible to do that. A wide and shallow skillet will do an excellent job. If the paella is being prepared in the oven, it is important to make sure that the entire pan is heat-safe.

Note that the handle must also be heat-safe. A very important tip to have in mind is that the layer of the rice must not be more than 2-inch deep.

Is cast iron good for paella?

Thin carbon steel pans can heat fast and they also don’t retain too much heat. You can substitute aluminum or a stainless steel skillet, but non-stick and cast-iron units are discouraged. Keep in mind that real paella is all about the rice.

And, the good news is that it can be used for any type of rice. Remember to invest in a high-quality paella pan to obtain the best results.

Can I use a wok for paella?

The traditional paella pan that Spanish people use is quite big and flat as well. A large surface area means faster and easier cooking. Plus, the rice will cook evenly. Yet, the same reason makes a wok excellent for cooking paella. So, if you don’t have a paella pan but you still want to make this dish, then use a wok.

Best Paella Pans Conclusion

All the products we reviewed above are being chosen by people’s reviews. We find them reliable. Yet, there can be only one that is the best. La Paella Pata Negra Paella Pan is our top choice. It has many wonderful features that will help the user prepare a super delicious Paella. It is a large pan, with even heat distribution. The material is durable and thick, and it won’t rust over time.

We also like that this tool can be used on a Paella burner, on a gas grill, or even on a charcoal grill. Unless you can afford a stainless-steel model, this is one of the best choices you can make. There are other high-quality models as well. That’s why we hope that our buying guide will help shoppers make the best choice. Also, by reading customer reviews, making the final decision will be even easier.

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