Best Water Filter Pitchers 2021 – Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, these days, clean water is a hard thing to come by. The level of pollution is quite high and this affects our health. What can we do to protect our health better and also drink the necessary amount of water every day? Well, we need to own a high-quality water filter pitcher. A modern device like this can provide us pure water. This type of unit is not something complicated.

It is only a container that features a carbon filter in it. Do you want to have fresh and healthy water at all times? If so, then don’t hesitate and go for a water filter pitcher. Don’t you know what model to choose? We have already chosen for you some of the best units on the market. You will find below the reviews of these items so that your final decision can be an easy and correct one.

Best Water Filter Pitchers

There is a huge variety of options in stores. Each of them promises amazing results, but the truth is that most of them don’t deliver the expected results. That’s why it is important to be careful when buying a water filter pitcher. We did some research and discovered a few premium devices, very appreciated by lots of users.

The below reviews will help you understand what matters the most in such an appliance. The chosen items are from trustworthy manufacturers. These are PUR, Brita, and Clearly Filtered. Check them out and choose the model that fits your needs best.

PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with Filter

We know that this is more of a dispenser than of a pitcher, but the result that this unit offers is the same. All you have to do is to fill it up, and the water will be clean and fresh. The reason why we have chosen this item is because of its efficiency and size as well. The device will allow the user to have clean water for a while.

Plus, it is super easy to use. Once the button is being pushed, the water will flow into the glass. Note that this is not a portable pitcher. The PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with Filter is more than anyone could hope for. It can eliminate up to 95% of the mercury. The filter does a great job at removing every contaminant that is dangerous to our health.

The taste and odor will also disappear. All of us hate that chlorine smell, but with PUR dispenser they are long gone. As far as the filter goes, it is necessary to change it once in a while. The good news is that the filters are efficient and they will last a few months. Only one filter can purify 40 gallons of water, which is a lot.


  • It eliminates up to 95% of the mercury
  • It also removes taste and odor
  • One filter can purify 40 gallons of water
  • Superior water filtration


  • Some people say they changed the filters earlier than the manufacturer’s recommendations

Brita 10 Cup Grand Water Pitcher

This device also seems to be a favorite among buyers. The unit has an attractive design and it is available in various colors. The filter eliminates mercury, cadmium, copper, and the taste and smell of chlorine. This means that the water will be a lot healthier and it will have a better taste. The Brita 10 Cup Grand Water Pitcher fits perfectly in the refrigerator.

It doesn’t occupy too much space on the countertop either. We also like that the handle features a comfort-grip design that makes pouring easy to handle. The locking system that the lid has is useful when children are being around. Plus, the plastic is BPA free. One filter of this unit can purify 40 gallons of water with ease. This means one filter every two months.

Note that the user doesn’t have to count the refills. That’s because the device features a light that will let him know when the filter must be changed. Such detail is very useful. The Brita Water Pitcher is compatible with Longlast and Standard water filters.


  • The filter eliminates copper, mercury, cadmium, and the taste and smell of chlorine
  • It is perfect for the refrigerator
  • Childproof locking system
  • BPA free
  • One filter can purify 40 gallons of water
  • Compatible with Longlast and Standard water filters


  • Some users complained about being poorly designed

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

This appliance removes up to 98% of fluoride, 99.9% of chlorine, and 99.6% of arsenic. Plus, it eliminates heavy metals such as Chromium-6, VOCs, and lead. Some microorganisms such as giardia and E. coli are also removed up to 99.9%. Note that the beneficial minerals are not filtered out of the water. The Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher can hold 64 ounces.

Its construction is a durable one due to the BPA free medical grade Tritan plastic. That also includes the lid and the handle as well. The lid is designed to prevent unfiltered water from contaminating the clean water. We also like that it is not necessary to take the lid off to fill it. There is no fill hole on the top. The lid snaps securely in place so that it doesn’t fall off when pouring the water.

The filter can last up to 6 months, depending on how much is being used. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty for this amazing product. In case the filter pitcher ever breaks, it will be replaced free of charge. Yet, there are few chances for this to happen.


  • It removes up to 98% of fluoride, 99.9% of chlorine, and 99.6% of arsenic
  • It eliminates heavy metals such as lead, Chromium-6, and VOCs
  • Durable BPS free medical-grade Tritan plastic construction
  • The filter lasts up to 6 months
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Some say that this is a poorly-designed unit

Best Water Filter Pitchers Guide

There are many models in stores, each with advantages and disadvantages. How can anyone know exactly which one is best? A first step would be to read some online customer reviews. Then, another important thing would be to take into consideration some important factors. These factors are as follows:

Filtering mechanism

Most of these devices use carbon because it absorbs very well impurities and odor at the same time. Harmful contaminants such as bacteria, lead, parasites, and chlorine will be removed.


Capacity is another important factor when buying a water filter pitcher. Many of these units are being designed to be not so large. Even so, it is best to buy the largest model because it is annoying to refill the pitcher every two glasses of water.

Filter change indicator

After some online research, you will find out that not too many models come with this feature. Keeping track of the water that’s being filtered every day can get tiring at times. So, an indicator would be much better. It will let the user know every time he must change the filter.


The certification that backs up the removal claims is a factor that any buyer must consider when going shopping. We recommend looking for those units that have a certification, even if they are a bit more expensive.

Benefits of a water filter pitcher

The benefits of such modern units are many. Clean water has a huge impact on our health. People from undeveloped countries die because of waterborne diseases. A high-quality water filter pitcher will provide clean and fresh water. There are more than 2.000 toxins in the tap water that the municipality may not be eliminating.

So, with a device like this, these toxins will be eliminated up to 95%. Plus, a water filter pitcher is much cheaper than bottled water. In the long run, this is an excellent investment. Let’s not forget about the taste either. Tap water tastes awful. This innovative device will take out all that awful taste. Also, people who have children can provide them fresh and pure water at all times.

Offering healthy water for your child is a top priority. This makes a water filter pitcher a must item at home. Last but not least, we should not forget about the environment either. Plastic bottles take about 400 years to decompose. This means that such an appliance is much better for the environment than bottled water.

Water Filter Pitcher FAQ

What is the most effective water filter pitcher?

The most effective water filter pitcher is PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with Filter. This unit can eliminate up to 95% of the mercury. It does an excellent job of removing all contaminants that are dangerous to our health. Plus, the taste and odor will also disappear. Everyone hates that awful chlorine smell, but with this device, it will be long gone.

As far as the filter goes, it is important to change it once in a while. The filters are super-efficient and they will last a long time. Note that only one filter can purify 40 gallons of water.

Are water filter pitchers worth it?

Most pitchers can remove chlorine and those elements that leave a bad taste. Yet, only a few can remove lead. If the water has serious contaminants, then a water pitcher filter may not be enough for solving the problem.

Are faucet filters better than pitchers?

Faucet filters usually have better filters than pitcher filters. The filter inside a faucet mount can remove more contaminants. Plus, it has a longer life and more features. This offers you healthier and better tasting water than a pitcher filter.

Why does my zero water smell like fish?

In general, the fishy smell can be caused by Barium or Cadmium metals. Chloramine is a compound of chlorine and ammonia used for disinfecting public water sources. Unfortunately, this causes an unwanted fishy odor in the water.

Which is the healthiest water to drink?

Purified water, just like distilled water, is an excellent option if your immediate water source is being contaminated. There are many countries that purify tap water. This means that you are drinking purified water right from the kitchen sink.

Do faucet water filters really work?

There have been tested lots of commercial water filters to see which one of these is best. These tests have revealed that most filters do a good job. They can remove harmful contaminants from tap water. In fact, they are being designed for this purpose. It is being recommended to have a device like this, no matter where you live.

Water Filter Pitchers Conclusion

No matter what product we are talking about, there will always be users who will say something negative about it. The products we reviewed above have many positive reviews and some negative ones as well. Choosing a specific model is a matter of personal choice. What you need to do is to check out the features and see if they fit your needs.

Plus, if you consider our buying guide as well, then the final choice would be much easier. If we had to choose among the above devices, we would go for PUR LED. There are not too many differences between PUR and Brita, but the former is more sturdy and larger.

Moreover, PUR has an attractive design and it offers superior water filtration. It can eliminate up to 95% of the mercury and also the awful taste and odor.


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