Vitamix E310 Explorian Review 2020 – Pros and Cons

Are you tired of using unprofessional blenders that don’t offer the desired results? Well, if you are in a situation like this, then it is time to buy a brand new product that will ease your life in the kitchen. Vitamix is being considered a pioneer in the blenders market.

These blenders are excellent for preparing almost everything. The manufacturer’s products are highly appreciated worldwide. Choosing one of their models would not be a mistake. Users who own a Vitamix appliance have a great opinion about this brand.

This is because Vitamix blenders are quite versatile. Anyone who is on a budget but yet wants a professional blender should opt for the Vitamix E310 Explorian. Today, the company’s product line has expanded a lot. This means that there are appliances for different budgets.

Picking the right model is not easy, but with good research, anyone can make an excellent choice. Even with so many units available in the stores today, with a bit of knowledge, you will make the best decision. In the following, we will review the Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, part of the Best Vitamix Blenders.

So, our readers who are being interested in such a product can make the right choice for them. Let’s take a look at the features, and find out what this unit can do.

Vitamix E310 Explorian review

The company’s approach is definitely comprehensive. Multi-functionality, ease-of-use, design, and warranty are being accounted for with all models. Released in 2017, the Vitamix E310 is a response to the real pressure from competitors. This model is perfect for those who don’t want the newfangled features of the Ascent Series.

We can say that this machine has everything a buyer needs and nothing he doesn’t. The Vitamix E310 is more optimized for family kitchens than it is for restaurants. Yet, there is no doubt that it still puts a big premium on performance.

For more useful information about this product, continue to read this review. By doing so, it will be super easy o make the right decision for your needs.

Variable speed settings – Excellent for complete control

First of all, the E310 Explorian’s control panel has a minimalist design and it is simple to use even for beginners. Second of all, users will get an incredible range of speed settings with this machine. With such a range, it is super easy to prepare recipes that other units aren’t capable of.

For example, ice cream is very simple to prepare by using the slower settings. Also, if you like piping hot soup, then this unit definitely has you covered. The blades create enough friction to turn cold ingredients into hot ingredients. This happens when the highest speed is on.

So, the user can make chowder in one single container with ease. Besides the variable speed settings, the machine also has a pulse mode. The pulse mode helps a lot when preparing more nuanced foods such as hummus or chunky salsa. It is important to know that the transition between speeds is smooth.

The speed control is soft-start. This means that in case the user starts the machine at the greatest speed by accident, the unit will not ramp-up. This wide range of speeds allows better control over the blending process. The medium speed is perfect for blending soft smoothies.

The high speed is useful for seedes berries and hard ingredients. The Pulse function is efficient when chopping vegetables and nuts. Plus, it is also useful when preparing sauces and salsa.

Versatile – Perfect for a variety of tasks

This feature is one that many shoppers are looking for when purchasing a machine like this. Fortunately, this model has it, which is why it is so appreciated. There are several foods anyone can make with the E310.

  • Soup – It is simple to prepare hot soup from cold ingredients. It only takes around six minutes to get the desired result. The soup heats up from the friction of the blender blades with the ingredients. That heat is being transferred into the soup broth you have added into the blender.
  • Smoothies – For preparing smoothies with this machine, possibilities are almost endless. For this recipe you can use frozen fruits, ice, herbs, liquid, powder vitamins, leafy greens, and more.
  • Juice – With the Vitamix E310 Explorian you can make healthy vegetable or fruit juices. Even if there will be some residual pulp, it is good to know that this device can be used for this task as well.
  • Milkshakes – This drink is also simple to prepare with the E310 model. Only add the desired ingredients and blend to the desired level of thickness.
  • Ice cream – Those who love ice cream can prepare a simple version of ice cream with this appliance.
  • Sorbets – There are various types of sorbets that can be made with the Vitamix E310.
  • Sauces – Many kinds of sauces are available to make with this model.
  • Dips, salad dressings, nut butter, dough, baby food – This unit is excellent for these recipes as well. not to mention the fact that it can be used for chopping or other food preparation.

Easy to clean and maintain

The cleaning and maintenance process represents an important aspect for many users. Almost anyone wants an appliance that is easy to clean and maintain, for having more free time. The Vitamix E310 Explorian is dishwasher-safe. You can also run the motor to clean it by using a few drops of dishwashing liquid and some warm water.

The self-cleaning feature is more manual than automatic but quite simple at the same time. For the desired result it is being recommended to fill the container half full with warm water. Note that you must never add hot or cold water otherwise you risk ruining the device.

Besides the water, there is also necessary to add some liquid soap for the best result. Start the Variable Speed Dial at 1, and after that remember to increase slowly up to 10. The run the unit anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Once the process has ended, it is important to rinse the container.

This self-cleaning setting is great for people who don’t have time to wash the device by hand. Other than that, it is being recommended that once in a while you clean the base with a clean and soft cloth. Make sure it is a bit damp for better cleaning.

Low-profile container: Easy to store

Many of the Vitamix blenders are difficult to store due to their massive containers. A big container can be very useful for families with children. If the buyer has a tiny kitchen then a blender with a large container is definitely not the right choice.

Vitamix standard container size is 64 ounces. This size is being opposed to the 48-ounce container that the E310 Explorian has. From this point of view, we can say that the buyer will appreciate this detail. The smaller size helps a lot with the storage factor.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has also optimized the container’s design. This model is rather short than tall, which makes it excellent for cabinet storage. Plus, the squat design is also helpful for the blending process. Because the container’s base is wider, ingredients fall into the blades a lot easier and quicker.

So, the entire blending process is a lot smoother. Whereas this feature matters for many people, for some it may be insignificant. Yet, we find it quite useful, particularly for those who do not have too much space for storage.  Plus, the container offers enough space to prepare delicious drinks for small families.

Other features

  • A high-performance motor. This motor blends frozen fruits, all types of green, and heavy powder. Even the toughest ingredients are being transformed into smooth blends.
  • Pulse feature. This feature is great for preparing chunky salsas and thick vegetable soups.
  • Hardened stainless steel blades. The cutting blades measure 3 inches in diameter. They ensure a consistent blend every time. The blades are being built to handle even the toughest ingredients.
  • Specially designed tamper. The tamper is being designed to help process thick and stubborn blends.
  • Self-Cleaning feature. With only a few drops of dish soap and a bit of water, the unit can clean itself in about one minute.
  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system.
  • The Vitamix E310 Explorian blender is being built to last. Purchasing a machine like this is a long-term investment.
  • Universal tool. The device can make smoothies, nut butter, desserts, dressings, dough, hot soups, and more.

Pros and Cons


  • High-performance motor
  • Hardened stainless steel blades
  • 10-speed settings
  • Thermal protection system
  • Radial cooling fan
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • Pulse feature
  • Easy to store


  • Too expensive for some people
  • Struggles with high-volume blending


While this model may not be Vitamix’s best blender, it is still a high-quality product. The unit can do lots of kitchen tasks, even some of the most complicated ones. The features are great and most of all, useful. The speed settings allow the user to have complete control over the blending.

Plus, the performance is quite hard to beat. Performance-wise, this unit is identical to every other full-size Vitamix blenders. This means that it can offer the smoothest drinks, and it can also plow through thick hummus or nut butter. The E310 can blend up frozen desserts in a short time. It can even make hot soups from room-temperature ingredients.

What we also like is the fact that this appliance is being built to last. It is a durable product that can be used for many years to come. If you want a high-end unit that won’t completely break your bank, then this is something to consider.



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